Eco-Air Spray Cans Equip Teams with Tools to Clean, Protect and Preserve
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Eco-Air Spray Cans Equip Teams with Tools to Clean, Protect and Preserve

Cortec adds convenience and eco-friendly qualities by packaging some of its surface prep and rust prevention products in EcoAir cans.


Good surface prep and corrosion protection are important parts of an effective asset preservation plan. They also play a role in good maintenance and manufacturing. Cortec adds convenience and eco-friendly qualities to the picture by packaging some of its top surface prep and rust prevention products in EcoAir cans.

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These bag-on-valve spray cans are powered by compressed air rather than traditional chemical propellants. They are easy to carry around the shop or plant for quick cleaning and preservation projects following the “Clean, Protect, Preserve” model.

Step One: Clean

Before a surface can be effectively preserved, it needs to be clean and rust-free. Maintenance teams can remove existing rust by spraying corroded metal surfaces with EcoAir 422 or 423 (gel for vertical surfaces). These biobased products loosen the rust so it can be removed after 15 to 30 minutes of application. Rinsing the surface afterwards with EcoAir 414 Cleaner/Degreaser provides short term protection against flash rust. EcoAir 414 is also handy for quick cleanup tasks around the shop and for cleaning greasy or grimy metal components when a machine is being taken apart for repair.


Step Two: Protect and Preserve

After cleaning, additional corrosion protection may be needed depending on when and how the component will be used, stored or shipped. For example, newly made dies or plastic-injection molds can be protected by spraying the mold internals with EcoAir Tool and Die Rust Preventative. EcoAir Tool and Die is partially based on vegetable oil and leaves a water-displacing film on metals. EcoAir spray-can technology makes it easy to mist the rust preventative over large mold surface areas.

For added convenience, the product does not need to be cleaned off the mold before use. EcoAir Tool and Die can be combined with other protective materials (e.g., VpCI pouches and MilCorr VpCI Shrink Film) to create a full preservation package for harsh overseas shipping conditions.


Smaller newly manufactured parts or individual spares around the shop may be protected from corrosion by spraying them with EcoAir 377, which leaves a barely noticeable thin dry film on metal surfaces for long-term indoor protection of up to 24 months. EcoAir BioCorr is a soy-based rust preventative that also leaves a barely detectable dry film. It provides indoor corrosion protection for up to 12 months.

Both EcoAir 377 and EcoAir BioCorr can be combined with VpCI packaging when extra protection is needed in harsh conditions. EcoAir 337 Void Space Rust Preventative is another unique preservation option. It is applied by spraying into a void space (e.g., valves, small tanks, or a crate full of spare metal parts). As long as the void space remains closed, EcoAir 337 keeps the iron, steel, copper and brass surfaces inside corrosion-free for up to 24 months. EcoAir 337 is water-based and biodegradable.


Knowing how to properly clean, protect, and preserve is a good skill for any maintenance or preservation team. Cortec’s EcoAir corrosion solutions provide the tools to do so effectively with the convenience of spray can technology, but without the use of traditional chemical propellants.

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