Electronic Specialties Low Current Clamp Meter

Electronic Specialties Low Current Clamp Meter

This high accuracy meter is specifically designed for diagnosing parasitic battery drain.

For more information, visit esitest.com.

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Read the full script below:

Hi, this is Eric with TechShop and another edition of Tool Showcase.

I’ll get right to it. Electrical diagnostics are all about using the right tools to get efficient and accurate results.

When you think about electrical diagnosis, it all comes down to ohm’s law right? Volts, Amps and Resistance.

All three share equal importance in proper circuit operation, but we’ve learned when to look for what, depending on the situation.

When it comes to accurately measuring current flow, which is a priority for today’s technician, old methods simply aren’t acceptable. We depend on modern tools such as what I have to show you today, the Electronic Specialties model 683 High Accuracy Low Current Clamp Meter.

This meter is specifically designed for diagnosing parasitic battery drain, measuring motor starting (in-rush) and consumption currents, as well as lower charging system currents.

It features a rugged construction, with an easy-to-read LCD screen, automatic shutdown and clearly marked function buttons right here on the front.

You have the power button right here, and this center button zeroes the meter before measurement, plus if you hold it, and check this out, it turns on the backlight, which is a nice green, it’s easy on the eyes and makes the readings jump right out.

The last button allows you to store and recall measurement data.

The 683 low current clamp meter is auto ranging, with ranges of zero to 600 milliamps, six amps, or 60 amps. It also automatically reads AC or DC current, and it’s a high-accuracy low drift meter, telling me that it’s built with precision circuitry to provide consistent dependable readings.

A feature I personally like is how the current clamp is extended away from the body, yet the trigger is still here on the grip. If you have a wire or cable that’s buried down between a bunch of stuff, you can easily get onto it, but still be able to see and read the screen.

Let’s give it a try. I powered it up and zeroed it, so let’s see what we have on this Camry. I’ve got about 16-17 milliamps of drain, which is perfectly acceptable and normal for a car like this. Here you can see I opened the door to wake things up, and you can see the change in current draw reflected immediately on the meter, and you can even monitor it as systems go to sleep and the draw drops back down.

This was a quick and easy test with the type of precision that technicians rely on, and it can help diagnose multiple circuits and components throughout a vehicle. The model 683 high accuracy low current clamp meter also comes with a zippered pouch and a user manual with all of the operating instructions and some additional tips for use.

If you’d like to know more about this or any of Electronic Specialties other professional hand-held equipment and tools, visit esitest.com.

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Thanks for watching TechShop’s Tool Showcase. I’ll see you next time.

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