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Ken-Tool 35359 H.D. Universal Wheel Weight Hammer

Heavier weight, egoonomic design gives greater technician efficiency.


Ken Tool HD Wheel Weight Hammer 300 dpiKen-Tool has released its Heavy Duty Universal Wheel Weight Hammer (P/N 35359). The new hammer is designed for installing and removing clip-on wheel weights for light- to heavy-duty trucks.

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The hammer is 12-in. (30.5 cm) long and features a 2.5 lb. (28 oz.) cast steel head — nearly twice as heavy as comparable wheel weight hammers. It has a non-marring, replaceable polyvinyl strike face that is 1.50 in. (3.8 cm) in diameter, which is 34% larger strike area than a typical 7/8-in. diameter hammer. The hammer’s greater mass and large strike face allows a technician to efficiently install the wheel weight with a single blow.

The fiberglass handle uses a shock resistant, ergonomic design to provide technician comfort with or without gloves, and to reduce fatigue. It is designed for use in a heavy-duty commercial environment with a rubber grip which resists common shop chemicals. It is four times stronger than a typical wooden handle, with improved longevity.

The Ken-Tool 35359 H.D. Universal Wheel Weight Hammer works with all types of clip-on wheel weights — lead, zinc and steel. The mar-free strike face protects the surface of aluminum wheels, as well as chrome plated steel wheels, from damage caused by an errant hammer strike.

Also available is a Heavy Duty Universal Wheel Weight Hammer Refurbish Kit (P/N 35360). The kit includes a new anti-marring impact face, chomoly steel hook, hook set screw and hex-key wrench.


Ken-Tool products are available through leading tire industry supply distributors worldwide.

For more information about Ken-Tool’s line of professional tire-changing tools, visit


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