Malco Products Offers Air-Actuated Rapid Dent Removal System

Malco Products Offers Air-Actuated Rapid Dent Removal System

Malco RDR KitThe RADiTAP Rapid Dent Removal System from Malco Products, Inc. is an air-actuated, long-reach pick solution for paintless dent removal and auto-body panel restoration.

Use the RADiTAP to access dents via door and gate latch openings, through trunk and engine compartments, from wheel wells and more. This unique system offers adjustable air power to vary the speed and intensity of the pick action to quietly and efficiently work out dents while minimizing arm, wrist and hand strain.

A total of four user-defined configurations for head and pick types, plus interchangeable 18, 36 and 48-in (46, 91 and 122 mm) drive shaft lengths, allow multiple set-up combinations to achieve the best fit for the dent removal task at hand. A versatile ball tip and maneuverable wedge attach directly to the desired shaft length and employ a reciprocating action.

Use the ball tip to work out dents in flat and rounded body panel locations by applying air-leveraged, repetitive smoothing action from any angle. The wedge is specialized for reaching into misshapen crevices and sharp profiles. And a right-angle pick assembly uses interchangeable steel and polymer blunt tips to provide a controlled, vibrating hammer-like action.

Log on to and click the video tab to see the versatile RADiTAP in action. Use the site’s dealer locator tab to find a local Malco distributor.

Malco Products, Inc.
Phone: 320-274-8246Fax: 320-274-2269Contact: Michelle Pippo

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