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StaCool Vest Keeps Workers Cool Despite Summer Heat

Lightweight vests provide cooling without getting too cold.


StaCool Industries presents the StaCool Vest Core Body Cooling System which keeps users cool, comfortable and productive while working in the summer heat, without compromising mobility.

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Maintaining a consistent core body temperature is safer than exposing workers to possible heat related illnesses, and since wearers do not require cooling breaks, they are considerably more productive. Each vest is made from comfortable, breathable Airprene material for comfort and flexibility, and includes ThermoPak inserts which comfortably cool the body core.

The lightweight cooling vest provides up to three hours of cooling per ThermoPak set (four per set), depending on activity type, environmental conditions, and body heat. Each Stacool Vest includes an additional four ThermoPaks, so users have a spare set to extend cooling time.

StaCool Vests are ideal for welders, Hazmat and military professionals, including those wearing level A protective clothing, industrial/manufacturing workers, surgeons and operating room technicians, landscapers, lawn crews, and others working outside and anyone wishing to stay cool and productive. Also ideal for Multiple Sclerosis patients and those susceptible to heat, as well as athletes.

The StaCool Vest provides core body cooling without freezing. A thermal barrier is built in to ensure wearer does not get too cold. Models can be worn under clothing or as an over-vest. They are lightweight, just 5 to 5 ½ pounds with ThermoPaks installed, and are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate any body type. A front zipper allows for easy dress or removal. Also available in fire retardant materials. Children’s sizes also available.


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