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AIRCAT 6205 1⁄4” Die Grinder

Compact and silent, the tool provides exceptional performance.

AIRCAT 6250 1⁄4” Mini Rt. Angle Die Grinder

The low weight ultra-compact design provides added control and maneuverability.

AIRCAT 6325 1/2″ x 18″ Composite Belt Sander

The composite belt sander features a .6 HP motor and low weight design.

AIRCAT Introduces New 1125 ½” Composite Impact Wrench 

The AIRCAT 1125 is the most powerful impact in the AIRCAT assortment.

Aircat 6390 Compact Needle Scaler

A needle scaler quickly removes rust, scale and paint.

AIRCAT 805-HT-22 3/8-in. Long-Reach Ratchet

Versatile features include high torque and an extended reach driveshaft.

Aircat 6530 Flex Head Cut-Off Tool

The Aircat 6530 will cut up to 3/8” rolled steel or 18 gauge steel sheet.


Access tight areas and get the job done quickly with this versatile ratchet.

AIRCAT 6355 Reciprocating Air Saw

Cut up to 1/4-in. thick steel or 3-in. steel pipe.

AIRCAT Flex Head Ratchet Wrench

The three-position 30-degree flex head allows the user to get into tight spots that straight ratchets cannot.

AIRCAT 811 flex head ratchet
AIRCAT Reciprocating Air Saw

The quick-change blade design retainer makes for quick and easy blade changes.

AIRCAT 6290 Reversible Straight Die Grinder

A die grinder is a valuable tool for technicians.