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Tech Tip: The Hybrid Compressor – Know The Difference

HVAC systems differ from one hybrid to the next, and some systems have used a scroll compressor, which can be powered via a belt when the engine is running, or electrically when the engine is off. Most of the newer hybrids have changed to an inverter compressor, which is a high-voltage electrical motor.

New Oil Change Invoice Requirements For Shops

Your customer invoices might have to list the engine oil type, brand and other related information, according to a new recommendation by the U.S. Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the National Conference of Weights and Measures (NCWM). These recommendations became effective July 1, 2013, for states that approve, and are outlined in a section known as the Uniform Regulation for the Method of Sale of Commodities. But, it is still not clear how these recommendations will be enforced.

‘Cash For Clunkers’ Cars Are Now Your Stimulus Package

In 2009, the Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) or “Cash for Clunkers” incentivized drivers to trade in their gas guzzlers for more efficient vehicles. Most of these 690,114 vehicles are now four years old and have almost 50,000 miles on the odometer. This is a sweet spot you can’t ignore.

Gonzo’s Toolbox: Lost In The Owner’s Manual

Hardly a day goes by when I’m not changing oil in a car. It’s a simple task to perform, but, today, you must also reset the oil reminder system. The procedure varies from model to model and year to year. Sometimes, I figure that since I’m right there by the car, I might as well find the owner’s manual and look up the procedure myself. But, for some reason, not one manufacturer can come up with a method of putting the information in one convenient spot.

Brake Job On 2000-2006 Chrysler Sebring

The second-generation Chrysler Sebring brakes are problem free when compared to the previous generation. There are very few reports online about pulsation problems that seemed to plague the previous generation. The 2000-2006 Sebring front brakes can have different caliper designs depending on the engine and model year, and even if it is a convertible. Make sure the parts store has all the information before you order parts.

Gonzo’s Toolbox: Duct Tape … The Often-Used, Sometimes Abused Wonder Adhesive

When people list the myriad of uses for duct tape, they never seem to include the various ways I’ve seen it used on the family car. I’m a big fan of duct tape, and my son has even made himself a handy little wallet, a tie, book binders and whole bunch of other cool things with it. While I’m no pro at conjuring up different uses for this stuff, I’ve seen what some creative people can do with a roll of it. Recently, I was out to dinner with the family, and, low and behold, we spotted in the parking lot a minivan with the front bumper strapped on with layers upon layers of duct tape.

GM Tech Tip: Growl Noise Caused By Axle Nuts

To diagnosis the noise, re-torque the existing front axle shaft nut to 162 ft/lbs and test drive the vehicle. If the noise is eliminated, replace both front axle nuts with the updated part (P/N: 10257766). On vehicles equipped with the police package, add an additional Nord-Lock.

TECH TIP: Mini: Erroneous “Service Due” Message For Brake Pad Thickness

The mathematical calculation made by the Condition Based Services Module (CBS) do not agree with the actual brake wear. The CBS uses inputs like vehicle speed, pedal pressure and rotor temperature to determine if the pads require replacement.

TIMMING BELTS: Bridging The Service Gap-CRP

By David Hirschhornt, CRP Automotive   Remember the good ol’ days when your customers came in for regularly scheduled maintenance? Oil change at 3,000 miles, tire rotation at 5,000, tune up at 10,000, and so on. While these helped you keep their vehicles in good shape, a hidden, but truly valuable benefit was the “advanced

Tech Tip: Generation 1 Wheel Bearings With Integrated ABS Tone Ring

The front wheel bearings listed in this Tech Tip all share a unique design feature. They are all double-row angular contact with a split inner ring. The distinctive feature on these bearings is that one of the two seals on the bearing has a built-in magnetic impulse wheel. Caution should be taken to make sure that the seal with the ABS impulse ring is installed in the correct direction.

Three Phases of NOT Selling Shocks & Struts

Often, you are your own worst enemy when selling ride control. It happens to most salespeople, over time they become apathetic to selling ride control products to the customer. It is a cycle with three phases as the sales person starts to speak no evil, hears no evil from the technician and eventual sees no evil when it comes to recommending ride control replacement.

TPMS Tire Service: Why, Where And When

To understand any TPMS relearn procedure, you have to understand this: sensors only transmit, they do not receive. No vehicle asks a sensor for information on how it is doing. I know you’re thinking a sensor does receive signals when the vehicle is in relearn mode and the technician holds a TPMS tool to the sidewall of a tire. The tool excites the transmitting antenna with either a magnet or a radio signal at a preset frequency. This is more like a “poke” or “nudge” that triggers the device.