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Lisle’s Camshaft Tool Locks Cams in Place

Use the tool to accurately line up and hold cams for proper timing chain alignment on Honda K-Series engines.

Keep Your Creeper Safely Stored

This hanger from Lisle can be attached to most toolboxes, benches or walls to store plastic or metal creepers.

Lisle Adapt-a-Cap Ideal for Servicing Hard-To-Reach Fluids

Adapt-a-Cap eliminates the need for external pumps, hoses or funnels to transfer fluids, and helps prevent spills and messes.

Unusual Tools

There’s a fine line between tools you really need to have and ones you don’t. Throughout the course of a career as an auto technician, there will be a lot of tools you’d love to own, but should you?

August Cover feature - Unusual Tools
Lisle Offers Button Connector Pliers

Disconnect fuel line, EVAP line and DEF fittings with tabs that must be depressed to disengage with these pliers.

P/N 35070
Lisle Offers Durable Aluminum Disconnects for A/C and Quick Connect Fuel Lines 

The disconnects also work on fuel line quick connect couplings for GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles. They are also easy to use in confined spaces.

Lisle Corporation’s Aluminum Disconnect Set (35800)
Lisle Long Hose Clamp Pliers Provides Extra-Long Reach

The cross-cut tip design grips most hose clamps from multiple angles. A ratcheting lock mechanism holds the clamp in an open position for hands-free use.

Lisle Tools Releases Stubby Torque Stick Set

Designed to prevent over-tightening lug nuts with a torque rating of 80 ft-lbs., Lisle Tools releases their 12200 three-piece Stubby Torque Stick set.

Lisle Drill Template Removes Broken Exhaust Manifold Bolts

Designed for the GM EcoTec3 5.3L and 6.2L Motors.

Lisle Seal Puller Easily Removes Most Oil and Grease Seals

Lisle’s Low Profile Adjustable Seal Puller (55210) comes in two hook sizes that easily remove most oil and grease seals.

Lisle Battery Nut Pliers Designed For Working in Tight Spaces

The new Lisle Battery Nut Pliers (55240) are used to loosen or tighten battery terminal clamp nuts.

Lisle Low Pro Filter Socket Set Fits Popular Canister Sockets

Many applications are covered with this seven-piece set.