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Safe Shop: Out of Sight, Out of Mind…

It’s strange, the way things work out. How one seemingly isolated, non-related event can force you to confront the impossibly complex way virtually everything in our world is tied together. For instance, you wouldn’t think a cancelled speaking engagement would lead you down the rabbit hole of environmental responsibility, but it has and it’s a

Safe Shop: Meeting Your Shop’s Lighting Needs

Having reliable “mobile” or “task” lighting is very important so technicians are able to clearly see what they are working on, even in the crevices of an engine compartment. Not having the necessary lighting accessories will hinder productivity and prolong the time it takes to complete a job. There are many types of lighting available

Safe Shop: Oil Absorbents Promote Safety and Cleanliness in the Shop

Once upon a time, it was common to grab a case of oil, an oil filter and a bag of Kitty Litter when doing an oil change. The idea of course was that spills are inevitable and Kitty Litter is cheap! Well some things never change and some do. The materials that are available to

Disposing of Used Oil Filters in the Shop

Do used oil filters take up a lot of space at your repair shop? Would you like to turn these used oil filters into recyclable steel? If so, an oil filter crusher may be the perfect piece of equipment for your shop. Oil filter crushers are safe, clean and easy to use. In most cases,

Technician Health and Safety: The Most Important Tool You’ll Ever Own

The life of an automobile technician is filled with many short- and long-term health hazards. The health offenses that I can recall throughout my career include: cuts to the hands, arms and face; burns on my hands and arms; flying debris in my eye; squirting fluid in my eye; breathing car-generated dust; breathing excess car