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Anyline Launches Tire Tread Scanner for Smartphones at SEMA

Using computer vision and AI, a 3D model of each tread is created, resulting in a precise digital measurement.

Lee Parks Design Psi Pro Tire Pressure Gauge

The PSI Pro’s flat-headed design easily mates with tire valve stems.

Lightweight Tire Frog Helps Install Wheels

The tool provides increased productivity for tire shops, saving time, money and keeping employees safe.

Anyline Launches Tire Size Scanning

By integrating tire size scanning into their e-commerce website, tire retailers can increase online sales.

Tire Construction & Alignment

Can tire construction have anything to do with a vehicle pulling on a test drive after a proper alignment?

Martins Industries Improves Workplace Safety with Canuck Tire Puck

The Canuck Tire Puck trolley helps to prevent common workplace injuries and accidents by reducing the need for labor-intensive tire handling.

ATEQ: Educating Customers on Tire Tread Depth to Increase Bottom Line

Checking the tread depth and wear on each tire will let you know when the tire needs to be replaced, or if other regular maintenance should be involved get the most out of your tires and vehicle.

Increase Your Tire Changing Business With Innovative Tire Changing Systems from Hofmann

This new comprehensive line of tire changers are specifically designed to increase productivity and improve performance so that shops can change more tires more efficiently during the course of a day.

Hofmann smartSpeed Tire Changers Help Increase Shop Productivity

The patented smartSpeed technology included on our tire changers optimizes the torque applied to the wheel and automatically sets the maximum rotation speed of the wheel accordingly.

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Measuring Maintenance Service Against The Competition

How well are you capturing the necessary maintenance work on each vehicle that arrives at your shop each day? Each week? Maybe you are quick to point out a dirty air filter, but gloss over those worn out wiper blades. It pays to keep track of each maintenance task for each vehicle you work on and notice trends over time. But even then, how many maintenance tasks should you expect to see each day? And, maybe more

Beyond the Warranty Maintenance Checklist

What happens after the bumper-to-bumper and powertrain warranties wear out? If you look at any factory-recommended service intervals, after 100,000 miles they cease to exist. What does it take to keep a vehicle going for 120,000, 180,000 or 250,000 miles? The key is maintenance and

Myers Tire Supply Partners With Apex Supply Chain Technologies For Automated Vending Solutions

Myers Tire Supply, a national distributor of tire, wheel and automotive service supplies, announced recently it has partnered with Apex Supply Chain Technologies to bring automated dispensing solutions to its customers. The MTS Xpress Vending Program will provide Myers customers with a secure, accurate, real-time way to manage and control their high-cost, high-use and mission critical inventory items.