Highlights from the 2022 ISN Tool Dealer Expo

Highlights from the 2022 ISN Tool Dealer Expo

The trade show features all the latest technology and tool releases, and we talk directly with the tool manufacturers.

Early in July, we hopped on the air bus and headed to Orlando, FL, for the 2022 ISN Tool Dealer Expo. When most people think Orlando, they think sun-and-fun, but we were thinking about tools. Needless to say, 2020 and 2021 were strange years, and we hoped for things to be back to normal for 2022.

We were not disappointed. For many of the tool companies, this was still their first show in almost a couple years, and they all shared the same sentiment: It was good to be back. Are things completely back to normal? Maybe not quite, but they’re getting closer, and TechShop was glad to be there.

The show was held at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center, which provided first-class accommodations and made a great backdrop. The courtyard of the resort features themed areas, one of which is called the Everglades. In an area that was safely separated from public access, they had, as you may have guessed, alligators and turtles. Amusingly, if you search the internet for alligator and turtle, you’ll not only find plenty about our reptilian friends, but you’ll find a few unique tools that have adopted the same names. Somehow, it made the location even more fitting!

We attend the trade shows so we can learn about all the latest technology and tool releases and talk directly with the manufacturers. We also get to try out a lot of new tools in the interactive displays they often have. The shows are also where tool manufacturers get to connect with distributors to the automotive industry, who travel from all over the country to attend.

It’s a great way to get information and it’s just great to be face-to-face with the industry again. One of the more fascinating aspects of these shows is the constant growth of technology. Even when you think tools can’t get any better, a new manufacturing process is developed, a new idea comes to fruition or, just as often, new tools are needed to repair new vehicle systems.

Cordless tool offerings continue to expand, and the batteries get more powerful all the time. Who would have thought battery-powered impacts could handle semi-truck wheels with ease, and that you can carry your welder to the job, with no cord attached?!

Electric and hybrid vehicles are also bringing many changes to technology and the tools and equipment we need to repair them. We’re going to see a lot more of this, and you’ll be seeing TechShop focus on more EV-related equipment and articles in the near future.

All in all, it was a great show. Oddly enough, even though it was almost the 4th of July, we didn’t see any fireworks, but our feet were sure on fire after walking around the show for three days. That’s OK, we’ll do it all again. It allows us to stay current so we can return the favor to you in the pages of TechShop. TS

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