GEARWRENCH New Mechanics Hand Tool Set Doesn't Skip Sizes

GEARWRENCH New Mechanics Hand Tool Set Doesn’t Skip Sizes

Pros can’t afford to be missing sizes just because they’re not as common.

Mechanics hand tool sets are supposed to be convenient collections of useful tools. Unfortunately, most tool sets are designed for mass appeal, opting to skip sizes and entire tools rather than provide everything that professionals in the automotive and industrial maintenance trades need. The result is an incomplete set and a series of one-off buys to fill in the gaps — costing those pros more time and more money.  

That’s why GEARWRENCH created 10 new Professional Mechanics Hand Tool Sets designed specifically for those who need tools to make a living. 

“Pros don’t have the luxury of only working with the most common sizes — they need to be able to fix whatever’s in front of them,” said Chris Coll, product manager at GEARWRENCH. “These sets are comprehensive with no gaps in sizes or styles because that’s what professionals need.”

GEARWRENCH reviewed consumer data and its own sets to understand which tools professionals were buying as one-offs. From there, GEARWRENCH created 10 new Professional Mechanics Hand Tool Sets, covering product categories including sockets and socket extensions, screwdrivers, hex and Torx bits, wrenches and combination ratcheting wrenches. These new pro sets feature storage solutions that make them easy to use right out of the box and easy to keep organized as you go.

With these comprehensive professional sets, technicians won’t have to overpay for open-stock items to fill the gaps.

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