Ingersoll Rand Adds Small Rotary Compressors to R-Series Line
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Ingersoll Rand Adds Small Rotary Compressors to R-Series Line

V-Shield technology reduces leak paths and connections by 15%.


Ingersoll Rand compressorIngersoll Rand extends its R-Series line of compressed air solutions to include small rotary compressors with V-Shield technology to reduce leaks and improve reliability.

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Built on a common platform, the new R4-11kW compressors are available in 4-11kW (5-15hp) with flows 8.1cfm – 57.5cfm and pressures up to 200 psig on fixed speed units and 145psig on variable speed drives. The R4-11kW models are available for order through Ingersoll Rand representatives.

“The compact design of the R-Series makes it the ideal workplace compressor with a 20% reduction in footprint and sound levels as quiet as a dishwasher,” says Jason Grizzi, channel marketing leader, Ingersoll Rand Compressed Air Systems and Services in North America.

With the application of V-Shield technology, the leak path and connections on the R-Series compressors have been reduced by more than 15%. V-shield technology ensures all critical fittings are secured with O-ring face seals in a method that is nearly free from distortion. Leaks are virtually eliminated and performance isn’t sacrificed, regardless of how many reconnections are made. Leaks are also reduced by the use of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) braided, stainless steel hoses for all oil-carrying lines.



Other advancements on the R4-11kW increase reliability and ease-of-use, including:

  • A totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) motor that has a premium IE3 efficiency;
  • A simple design with fewer components, reducing maintenance; and
  • Large, convenient electronic controls and a digital output display to support easier programming and operation.


Tri-Voltage Motors Plus Total Air Systems Create a Plug-and-Play Solution

R-Series fixed speed compressors come standard with tri-voltage motors that adapt to the supply voltage, while variable speed motors come in multiple voltage options, allowing for more flexibility when configuring the system. An improved, leak-free, next-generation airend features an integrated separation system to optimize air and oil separation for peak air quality.


All R-Series units are available as fixed and variable speed units that can be configured with integrated dryers as a Total Air System (TAS). Each TAS unit comes with high-performance dryers, a three-in-one heat exchanger and an independent fan circuit to consistently generate dry, clean air.

“When customers select our Total Air System configuration, the R-Series from Ingersoll Rand is a complete plug-and-play solution that, as a standard offering, generates the cleanest, driest compressed air right out of the box,” adds Grizzi.


Easy-to-Use and Ideal For Compact Workspaces

An innovative new design vertically stacks the drive components of the R4-11kW, reducing the equipment’s footprint by 20% and providing easier access to the components when maintenance and service are necessary. To further optimize its performance in limited workspaces, the drive components are mounted on an Ingersoll Rand vibration isolation system reducing noise pollution and vibration.


Visit for a complete list of specification for the Ingersoll Rand R4-11kW fixed and variable speed compressors.


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