LTI Radiator Rocket Coil and Line Cleaner
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LTI Radiator Rocket Coil and Line Cleaner

The 4-in. air slot in the brush head puts out maximum air cleaning volume and pressure without damaging coils, lines or fins.


It’s common procedure for trailer truck, dump truck, earth moving and tractor vehicles to require daily line and coil cleaning. High pressure water sprayers get the job done but leave a mess. The Radiator Rocket Coil and Line Cleaner (LT886) from LTI Tools runs on air power, eliminating that problem. 

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The 4-in. air slot in the brush head puts out maximum air cleaning volume and pressure without damaging coils, lines or fins. For tight-accessed stacked multiple coils/radiators, the brush bar inside brush head is removable for easy access. The cleaning head is always 90° toward radiator fins for maximum cleaning efficiency and coil protection. The tool shaft can be configured in 3-ft., 2-ft. or 1 ft. lengths. Includes 1/8-in. NPT air control valve. 

Eliminates need for raising vehicle on jacks or lifts to access buried coils under the vehicle. Designed for shop and field use.

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