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ASE Renewal App Helps Certified Techs Extend Certifications

A1-A9 techs can extend their certification expiration dates through testing via the app.

ISN Appoints Tim Kolbus to CEO

Prior to his appointment to CEO, Kolbus served the organization as chief supply chain officer.

Kukui Launches Premium Video Service for Shops

Providing repair shops with a turn-key marketing solution that attracts and engages new customers.

SK Professional Tools Announces Tech-Friendly Financing Option Through E-Commerce Site

The new payment gateway on SK's e-commerce site provides techs with a responsible option to budget for what they need and avoid overspending through manageable payments.


Code Reader Podcast: P0300

The complete symptom is a cold-start misfire or a rough idle concern. Now, a misfire or rough idle isn’t that uncommon in the grand scheme of things, but in this case it’s what’s causing them that’s unusual.

Code Reader Podcast: P0172 System Too Rich, Again

A simple solution for a common trouble code.

Code Reader Podcast: Sorting Through Multiple Codes

An ASE-certified technician walks listeners through a diagnostic dilemma with 11 trouble codes, an intermittent problem and a dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree on a 2001 Blazer.

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