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BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY Shifts into ‘SecondGear’ with Text To Pay and Financing Features

The two-way texting ability allows drivers to approve recommended repairs and book follow-up appointments with just a few taps on their cell phones or tablets, further increasing revenue for shops.

Free Webinar from ASE: Fundamentals of the Power Steering System

The webinar will also cover steering system components, their function, operation and steering system maintenance guidelines.

Purchases at Amazon Smile Help Fund Automotive Scholarships

With each purchase, Amazon will make a scholarship contribution.


February 6, 1924 – May 16, 2020

ASE Education Foundation Cancels Upcoming Training

Safety of attendees is their top priority.


Code Reader Podcast: P2422

DTC P2422, an unusual cause and help from a Honda technical service bulletin.

Code Reader Podcast: P00C6 & P228C

Were loose PCM connections the cause of trouble codes P00C6 and P228C?

Code Reader Podcast: P0420 & P0430

This TSB was released by General Motors, covering most of their large SUV’s and vans that have been produced from 2002 and up. The related DTCs that a technician may find are P0420 and P0430, Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold.

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