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Chuck Kinkade Joins Redline Detection

With extensive industry experience, Kinkade is assisting in Redline’s rapid growth.

New Redline Detection EV Battery, Coolant Leak Detector

New equipment tests integrity of battery enclosures in electric and hybrid vehicles.

Redline Detection’s Alex Parker Joins Petersen Automotive Museum’s Business Incubator Program

Parker joins the committee of industry-leading women offering their business expertise in this mentorship program.

EVAP Test Late-Model Vehicles with Redline Detection EasyConnect

Technicians can snap the adapters into an easily accessible line, then connect their smoke machine to the EVAP system.

Redline Detection Wins SEMA Manufacturer of Year Award

The award is given to one manufacturer that has displayed exceptional technical innovation and leadership.

Redline Detection Launches New SpeedSmoke

Designed to address proliferation of boosted vehicles in the aftermarket, SpeedSmoke pinpoints faults in naturally aspirated engines and high-pressure turbo, diesel, supercharged, boost leaks.

Redline Detection High Pressure Diagnostic Leak Detection

The PowerSmoke PRO Diagnostic Leak Detector finds high pressure leaks, saving you time and money.

High Pressure Diagnostic Leak Detection
Redline Detection Granted UL Product Certification

Redline Detection announced that they have been granted approval for a UL Certified diagnostic leak detector, meeting UL’s internationally recognized standards for safety and quality.

Redline Detection Unveils ReadySmoke Diagnostic Leak Detector

New ReadySmoke can pinpoint intake and EVAP leaks in minutes, saving hours searching for cracked or worn components, and allowing technicians to show customers the faulty parts and needed repair.

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Redline Detection Offers High Pressure Automotive Diagnostic Leak Detection

The Redline Detection PowerSmoke PRO High Pressure Diagnostic Leak Detector finds high pressure leaks, such as turbo housing, intake exhaust and head gasket leaks, that are costing you time and money.

leak detection
ISN and Redline Detection Announce Exclusive Partnership

The new NanoLeak Finder pinpoints air brake leaks, air-powered system leaks. The equipment will be available Jan. 1, 2018, exclusively through ISN.

Quickly Find Wind and Water Leaks with Body Pro from Redline Detection

This equipment can be used for wind/water leaks, body panel and door leaks, head/tail lamp leaks, testing of radiators before installation, sunroof leaks and vacuum leaks.