The Next Generation of Tools and Equipment: We’re in for a Ride

The Next Gen of Tools and Equipment: We’re in for a Ride

The TechShop team visited Orlando, Florida last month to attend ISN's Tool Dealer Expo.

Last month I had another opportunity to see the latest tool and equipment innovations our industry has to offer, and boy, it was quite the experience!

As many of you might have caught onto already, I love attending tool shows. Having exclusive access to industry insights, new product launches and cutting-edge technology has been so exciting!

Gathering firsthand information about the latest trends and advancements at these events enables the TechShop team and myself to deliver up-to-date and relevant news to YOU, our readers.

Located at the Rosen Shingle Creek resort in Orlando, Florida, Integrated Supply Network (ISN) hosted over 2,200 attendees and over 100 suppliers for its annual Tool Dealer Expo. The two-day event was held on June 9-10.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous in Orlando that weekend. Blue skies and warm weather made it to be an exciting weekend to connect with new and old friends on the Expo floor.

The day before the Expo began, press was invited to attend a pre-show press tour that allowed us to see brand new products and equipment first-hand. Brands featured in the press tour included Redline Detection, Killer Tools, Ingersoll Rand, Clore Automotive, Tub O’ Towels, Mayhew Tools, CTA Tools, CPS, Surewerx, LDS Industries, Curien, and Launch Tech USA.

Following the press tour, exhibitors and press were invited to a happy hour on the resort property, where guests were able to enjoy a few cocktails and catch up with one another before a busy show day the following morning.

As expected, there was a buzz in the air surrounding all the new tools and equipment and the opportunities for tool dealers to bring all this great new stuff to you, the auto technician. The Expo floor also featured live training and product demonstrations, giving us first-hand experience on the technology that drives the success of today’s technicians.

Some of the products launched at the Tool Dealer Expo included:

  • ShopSol Heavy Duty Creeper (P/N 3010005)
  • Curien N2 Neuron Smart Meter & App (P/N N2BASE01)
  • Clore Automotive PRO-LOGIX Wheel Charger Model PL3740
  • Redline Detection Smoke Pro Air Complete
  • Ingersoll Rand 2235 Series 1/2” Impact Wrench
  • And much, much more!

It’s safe to say there was A LOT to soak in that weekend. In addition to all the take-aways on the side of tools and equipment, the benefits of interacting and networking with key industry players is crucial to our team’s mission and has led to new, valuable contacts.

With efforts planned to collaborate with our preexisting and new contacts, TechShop has an exciting rest of the summer planned!

Be on the lookout for more TechShop Reveal videos highlighting the latest tools and equipment that we saw at the Expo. You can also expect more Striking Point podcast episodes, as well as more of our Striking Point videos, and a great new Tool Intel series with a fresh look at the technical side of tools.

Have any questions about the tools we’re featuring? Send me an email, and I’ll gladly get back to you! TS

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