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The Top Drawer: Open Doors for an Auto Technician

The automotive repair industry is always looking for new technicians. Like many others, we advertise and promote this career path so that we hopefully attract younger generations to become involved.

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But how do we do that? If your career started in the last century, choosing automotive was most likely not even a choice. Times were different and we grew up in a mechanical world. By the time you were of driving age, you already had your hands under the hood of something and probably already had some wheel time under your belt, license or not. You had a knack for fixing cars and probably a love of the hobby. It was just the thing to do. You were a mechanic.

Today’s technology needs fresh minds and young bodies. We need those who grew up with electronics and computers. We need technicians. Those of us on the downward slope of our careers started as mechanics and learned, studied and equipped ourselves to be successful with the modern title of technician. Perhaps a modern career in automotive will develop in reverse, but regardless of how it works out, the benefits are the same.

A career as an auto technician opens doors, and more than just the four on the car in your bay. Think about what you will learn and what you will be able to do for yourself. Not only will you never have to pay to have your car fixed, but if your passion lies with cars as a hobby, you’ll be equipped with the tools and knowledge to enjoy it.


What stands above everything else is the understanding of a diagnostic process. This is a skill that is needed in every field. Diagnostics is not about knowing everything and throwing around fancy modern terms, it’s about understanding the process and understanding how to utilize the tools and information at your disposal.

So, if you hit your head too many times while walking underneath a car and decide it’s time to do something different, think of the options. Information Technology, electronic repair or appliance repair. You use different information, but it’s the same diagnostic process. Maybe you decide it’s just a change of scenery you need; motorcycles, small engines, heavy equipment — it’s all the same thing.

Then there’s management, teaching, parts, your own shop, maybe a tool franchise or here’s a novel idea: writing about it. The opportunities are endless and it’s a better time than ever to be an auto technician. The cars are cleaner, and the equipment is better and easier to use. And one final thing, when the older generations simply don’t feel like doing it anymore, they’ll need someone to keep them on the road. 

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