BJE's Advanced Alert System Monitors 55-Gallon Drums
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BJE’s Advanced Alert System Monitors 55-Gallon Drums

BJE Drum Alert delivers audible and visual signals for peace of mind.


BJE, a manufacturer of tank-monitoring alarm systems, liquid level tank gauges and oil filter crushers, introduces an enhanced stand-alone monitor that sends both audible and visual alerts indicating when 55-gallon drums require attention.

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Drum Alert eliminates the tedious task of constantly checking whether barrels need to be changed, bringing peace of mind to service centers, maintenance facilities and other businesses where 55 gallon drums are critical to ongoing operations.

Businesses and their employees have more productive things to do than visually inspecting oil and fluid drums to guess when they should be changed. At the same time, running out of key fluids results in lost business and costly downtime. And if drums are used to capture hazardous liquid waste, an overflow creates a safety hazard that results in possible regulatory fines and an expensive clean up.


BJE’s Drum Alert solves those problems with an easy to install warning system for steel and plastic 55-gallon drums. BJE engineers designed Drum Alert with a float sensor made of UL listed Buna N that is compatible with a variety of fluids with specific gravity greater than 85 including oil, antifreeze and diesel fluid.

The sensor activates a 103-decibel alarm siren when fluid is reaches critical levels. The industry-first audible system complements an LED light that simultaneously signals a visual alert. Drum Alert can be set up to detect either low or high levels depending on how the drum is used.


“Customers no longer have to be constantly vigilant about where they stand on their inventory. Drum Alert will notify them about the status of the supply in the drum so they can make the proper arrangements,” said Roger Wiersma, BJE product engineer.

A waterproof ABS plastic housing protects Drum Alert’s circuitry and 9-volt battery, which will last up to two years. A low-battery indicator “chirp” and yellow LED light indicate when the battery needs to be replaced.  Drum Alert includes a testing function within its on/off switch.

Drum Alert installs easily in the 3/4" opening of a 55-gallon drums. Drum Alert gives customers the information they need when they need it and is available at prices below that of competing brands with fewer features.       


“The cost of a Drum Alert is likely less than the cost of shipping a rush order of fluid if a customer runs out. It is also probably less than the cost of cleaning up a hazardous material spill that would have to be reported to regulatory authorities,” said Paul Nilsen, BJE design engineer.

For more information, contact BJE, a division of Husky Corporation: A Breed Apart. Visit the Husky Corporation Web site at or call 800-325-3558.

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