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Specialty Tools Save Techs Time & Money

Specialty hand tools have the potential to save a technician a significant amount of time, and the customer a good deal of money.

The Humble Mechanic – Removing a Serpentine Belt Tensioner & Alternator from a Volkswagen

The Humble Mechanic shows how having the right tools can make removing a serpentine belt and alternator easy.

Top 5 Tools: Ryan Yarger, Stan’s Auto Service

Ryan Yarger, the lead technician at Stan’s Auto Service in Akron, OH, tells us his Top 5 Favorite Tools at the shop.

Air Update: Breaking Down Air Care

Think of a portable air compressor as a faithful dog: it’s loyal, obedient and supports its owner’s needs.

The Humble Mechanic: Demystifying Code P0171 System Lean Fault

System lean is the perception by the ECM that there’s unmetered air coming through the engine. The Humble Mechanic says “perception” because that may or may not actually be the case…

Maximizing Tools: Simple Answers to Difficult Questions: Troubleshooting Complex Systems

A good diagnosis and repair relies on the experience, knowledge, flexibility of mind and logical thinking skills of the technician.

5 Ways to Stand Out as a Technician­ – in a Good Way!

Learning to stand out in a positive way to our customers is a topic I’m super-passionate about. Here are a few pointers to help you and your team stand out. 1. Talk to Your Customers First and foremost, never be afraid to talk to customers. Whether it’s your customer or just a service customer in

Scan Tools: Solving the Diagnostic Puzzle

“The fact is, the most expensive tool may not be the best tool for you. It depends on what vehicles you work on and what you want out of the tool.” – Dwayne Myers, Dynamic Automotive, Frederick, MD If a 1996 or newer vehicle with OBD II rolls into your shop with a Check Engine

ISN’s Annual Tool Dealer Expo Gives Attendees Sneak Peek at New Products

The TechShop team and more than 3,500 attendees from around the world recently joined Integrated Supply Network (ISN) at its 14th annual Tool Dealer Expo June 24-25 in Orlando, FL. There, suppliers launched new products and gave away more than $2 million in cash and prizes throughout the weekend event. The expo included product and

Air Update: Maintaining Your Pneumatic Tools

Professional-grade air tools can be very expensive and represent a sizable investment. But the tools can last many years with the proper care – and a clean air supply.

Top 5 Tools: Riley Bender, Riley’s Repair

Top 5 Tools Riley Bender, Owner Riley’s Repair Brackney, PA Riley’s top 5 favorite tools are: Craftsman 27-Piece Screwdriver Set “These tools have been very useful in engine repair.” Channellock’s 12” Tongue and Groove Pliers “These pliers are helpful in removing hose clips on the tubes in cars.” Pittsburgh 40-Piece Socket Set   “It is

MAHLE TechPRO Diagnostic Scan Tool

The Humble Mechanic reviews the TechPRO Diagnostic Scan Tool from MAHLE Service Solutions.