Top 5 Tools: Riley Bender, Riley's Repair

Top 5 Tools: Riley Bender, Riley’s Repair

craftsman 27 piece screwdriver setChannellock's 12 Tongue and Groove PliersTop 5 Tools

Riley Bender, Owner
Riley’s Repair
Brackney, PA

Riley’s top 5 favorite tools are:

Pittsburg 40-Piece Socket SetCraftsman 4-Piece Pick SetCraftsman 27-Piece Screwdriver Set
“These tools have been very useful in engine repair.”

Channellock’s 12” Tongue and Groove Pliers
“These pliers are helpful in removing hose clips on the tubes in cars.”

Pittsburg 22-Piece Panel Wrench SetPittsburgh 40-Piece Socket Set  
“It is a very complete socket set.”

Craftsman 4-Piece Pick Set
“These picks are useful for pulling rings and seals.”

Pittsburgh 22-Piece Panel Wrench Set  
“These wrenches are useful for most basic repairs.”


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