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Automotive Battery and Electrical System Testers

Modern charging system testers are programmed to know what they should see on each and every vehicle.

An Efficient Approach to Battery and Electrical System Testing

By pairing Autel’s tools, techs can expand their service capabilities.

Electronic Specialties Introduces New EZ-Tach +Plus

A compact instrument designed for easy use while setting idle speeds and tuning.

#328 EZ-Tach +Plus Digital Tachometer
Mitchell 1 Enhances Wiring Diagrams in Latest ProDemand Software Release

Mitchell 1 announces the latest release of ProDemand repair information software includes enhanced wiring diagrams featuring intelligent navigation that takes users directly to the specific component diagram — with the related wires automatically highlighted.

Electronic Specialties Automotive Test Probe Kit Includes Extended Length Test Leads

These new test leads fit almost all digital multimeters and can also be used with hand-held scopes.

Electronic Specialties 10-Piece Back Probe Kit

This assortment is designed to work with industry standard 4mm banana plugs.

CTA 92-Piece Comprehensive Diagnostic Line Kit Quickly Tests Electrical Systems

The kit allows users to effortlessly analyze voltage, continuity, impedance and current.

Electricity Explained: Circuit Protection and Control

Now that we know how electricity works and how to do some basic tests, let’s look at how electrical circuits are protected and controlled.

Penray’s Aerosol Electrical Connector Seal Conforms to Any Shape or Size Connection

Connector Seal is a crystal-clear coating that effectively seals all kinds of electrical connections, and does not obstruct the ability to view the color-coding of electrical wires.

Clore Introduces Jump Starter with Voltage Spike Protection

Model No. 4001 features an enhanced, automatic charging system that enables easy charging and maintenance of the installed batteries when not in use. The charging system can be optimized to properly charge both flooded or AGM battery types.

Clore Presents SOLAR 1852 100 Amp Fixed Load Battery Tester

Clore Automotive presents Model No. 1852, a 100-amp fixed load battery tester, from SOLAR. The 1852 is designed for portable professional use, quickly providing assessment of battery condition and charging/starting system performance for 6- and 12-volt systems.SOLAR fixed load battery testers offer quick, easy analysis of battery condition and starting and charging system performance. The

Three AGM, Gel Cell Battery Myths

Chances are if the battery is not under the hood, it is an absorbent glass mat (AGM) or gel cell battery. These batteries pack a lot of power for their size and weight, which allows manufacturers to shave off a few pounds from the vehicle. That’s a big ­reason why they are being found more and more on late-model vehicles. Here are three AGM/gel cell myths.