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Federated Giveaway Brings Holiday Cheer

Facebook contest gives away limited edition diecast collectible.

How To Fix a Blower Motor That’s Not Working

The customer is complaining that it sounds like there’s a helicopter behind the dash of his 2014 Jetta.

The Humble Mechanic: Diagnosing Tiguan TPS Codes

Charles explains common throttle position sensor codes on a Volkswagen Tiguan.

check engine light symbol
Diesel Diagnostics: Intermittent Loss of Power on a VW

After scanning this VW Turbo Diesel, the vehicle revealed several codes, but no direct “smoking gun.”

TPMS Tools: Servicing VW Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Understanding VW TPMS is the first step to efficient diagnosis and service.

Volkswagen TPMS tools
Second Chances Garage, Humble Mechanic Donate Vehicle

Second Chances Garage and Charles Sanville team up to refurbish and donate his 2005 VW Passat wagon.

Charles and Shimaine Brandford - Second Chances Garage
The Humble Mechanic: Amazing Audio

Since I did some cool coding on my Volkswagen Touareg in the last issue, I wanted to try some more. I read about a coding change on the radio that’s supposed to make the audio sound amazing, similar to the Dynaudio package, so I wanted to test that.

The Humble Mechanic: Touareg Window Coding

We all like to see what cool stuff we can do with our scan tools, so let’s check out some coding changes that we can make to a Volkswagen Touareg.

Humble Mechanic: The Must Have Tools for VW and Audi Repairs

Charles has spent his career as a Volkswagen technician and in that time has fine-tuned his perfect list of the tools he needs to fix or maintain VW (and Audi) vehicles.

VW Tools
Maximizing Tools: Big Consequences of a Small Problem

When the brake pedal was pressed, the park lamps illuminated along with the stop lamp. The opposite was also true. Find out the reason for this VW’s errant behavior.

Autologic Diagnostics Introduces Programming on the AssistPlus Device

The AssistPlus device uses advanced diagnostic software to help ensure European vehicle issues are diagnosed correctly the first time.

The Humble Mechanic – Removing a Serpentine Belt Tensioner & Alternator from a Volkswagen

The Humble Mechanic shows how having the right tools can make removing a serpentine belt and alternator easy.