Top 5 Tools: Steve Molnar, Suburban Auto Service

Top 5 Tools: Steve Molnar, Suburban Auto Service

Identifix, Snap-on and Matco Tools are named as the makers of this top technician’s top five favorite tools.

IdentifixTop 5 Tools


Steve Molnar, technician
Suburban Auto Service
Alliance, OH


Steve’s top 5 favorite tools are:



Identifix – “It’s the best information tool available.”

Snap-on VERUS – “A great scan tool and the troubleshooter really helps.”

Matco Tool Cart – “Keeps me organized.”

Snap-on Lithium Power Tools – “They have a lot of power and make things easy.”

Matco Flex Head Ratchet Wrench – “Makes getting to hard-to-reach fasteners easy.”


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