Universal Dye Detects A/C Leaks

Tracer Universal Dye Detects A/C Leaks

LeakFinder dyes find the smallest and most problematic leaks that would otherwise be impossible to detect.

Tracer’s LeakFinder Universal A/C Dye is an ultraviolet fluorescent dye that provides the most precise leak detection for all automotive air conditioning systems containing R-134a, R-1234yf, and other widely used refrigerants. These specialty dyes can be safely added to the system and won’t affect the system’s lubricant properties or change how the equipment works. LeakFinder dyes find the smallest and most problematic leaks that would otherwise be impossible to detect. The fluorescent green dye comes works with all leak detection flashlights and comes in two sizes; one ounce bottle services up to four vehicles and an eight ounce bottle services up to 32 vehicles.
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