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TPMS Diagnostic Tips

The most significant leap forward has been the evolution of the dedicated TPMS tool.

An Analysis of Battery Voltage and Current Waveforms

Diagnosing an illuminated AWD malfunction warning lamp.

Keep Your Floor Jacks from Getting Jacked Up

Like all equipment, floor jacks should be inspected regularly for damage and kept clean.

Tire & Wheel Service Tools & Equipment

Contributing Editor Eric Garbe takes a look at the latest technology and features of tire and wheel service tools and equipment.

The Humble Mechanic: Anyone Care for a Milkshake?

Charles helps out a friend whose S10 has been overheating. He takes a look at the coolant, which is “all kinds of wrong.”

A Look on the Bright Side

TechShop examines the latest products to illuminate your workspace.

shop lights -ullman light
The Importance of Consistent TPMS Tool Updates

Keeping your TPMS tool updated is of the utmost importance when aiming for the quickest and most efficient TPMS service.

How Often Is Lift Maintenance Needed?

If something doesn’t seem right, stop using the lift until you can get it checked out. Never use a lift if any component is broken or damaged.

The Humble Mechanic: How Good Documentation Will Make You a Better Technician

Charles talks about the importance of keeping good documentation throughout your repair processes.

Shop Profile: Haglin Automotive

For the latest in our shop profile series, sponsored by BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY, TechShop visits a Boulder, CO, repair shop.

Unusual Tools

There’s a fine line between tools you really need to have and ones you don’t. Throughout the course of a career as an auto technician, there will be a lot of tools you’d love to own, but should you?

August Cover feature - Unusual Tools
The Top Drawer: Open Doors for an Auto Technician

A career as an auto technician develops skills beyond the bay, such as the understanding of a diagnostic process.

eric garbe