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I Brake for Tools

Brake diagnosis and repair is as much a technology-based task as it is a mechanical one. Do you have the proper tools?

Video Series Makes Techs & Shop Owners Stars of the Show

A new original digital video series has launched, spotlighting some of the industry’s finest shop owners and technicians.

The Humble Mechanic: How to Fix a Noisy Suspension

Charles switches gears to work on a friend’s noisy Toyota. He takes us through replacing a strut assembly.

Organization: A Matter of Patience and Planning

As technicians, our efficiency is the most important aspect of our job, and our efficiency is a direct result of our organization.

Turning Off the TPMS Light

If a vehicle comes into your shop with the TPMS light already on, there are a few key things to always check first.

A ‘Locked In’ TPMS Tool

Because every shop user of this tool/sensor solution “locks in,” increased profits are realized by speedier vehicle servicing, improved customer satisfaction, reduced individual parts and the cost savings of bulk-packaged sensors.

The Humble Mechanic: What Happens When A Timing Belt Breaks?

Diagnosing a broken timing belt or broken timing chain, and what that really could mean for the engine.

Keeping Comfortable in the Bays — Shop Climate & Happy Techs

Keeping the shop comfortable throughout the year isn’t easy. Here’s what you can do to make the job, well, more comfortable.

shop climate
Tech Tip: Check the Label Before Replacing A/C Refrigerant

Failure to check the sticker could void the refrigerant recovery machine’s warranty.

A/C label refrigerant
The Humble Mechanic: Why Mechanics Never Throw Away Car Parts

There’s a handful of reasons why I just can’t bring myself to throw out a lot of the stuff I’ve accumulated over the years, but here are the main reasons I’m nearly a hoarder.

Tips & Tricks: TPMS Relearn Procedures

Relearns are a necessary step but can be complicated as every vehicle model has a unique set of actions.

A/C Service Equipment: We’ve Got it Good

While the names of the tools and equipment may remain the same, the products and technology have improved drastically over the years.

ir Conditioning guages