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TPMS Quick Tip: Honda

An Unexpected Cause: A Honda service tip solves an unusual problem.


Advancements in TPMS and scan tool technology have made the systems a lot more dependable, and a lot easier for us as technicians to work on. But we still run across the unusual from time to time, and we stumbled across this interesting service tip from Honda.

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Some 2014-2016 Honda CR-V models were experiencing TPMS indicator light illumination after tire replacement. The cause of the problem was discovered to be a mismatched tire, but not the size.

In these cases, one of the original equipment tires is the Continental CrossContact LX 225/65R17 (P/N 42751-CTL-010, DOT ID CN5L). This particular tire was made in France and had a one-ply sidewall construction. Even though the tires have been discontinued, a limited supply is still available until they run out.

There are also two official replacement tires, one made in Portugal (P/N 42751-CTL-027, DOT ID AF5L) that has a two-ply construction and one made in the U.S. (P/N 42751-CTL-009, DOT ID A32Y) that is also a two-ply construction but is heavier than the French- or Portuguese-made tire.

The sidewall construction and weight of the three tires caused each one to have different rolling characteristics and because of the way indirect TPMS works, the differences were enough to cause the TPMS warning light to illuminate.

This certainly could have been one that would leave you scratching your head, so it reminds us that if everything looks good on our scan tool, we can’t forget to look at the not-so obvious.

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